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Many backpackers fund the trip to Australia by working. And yes it is easy to find jobs at the moment. And it is easy to obtain a Australia working holiday visa. We are really short of workers at the moment! We have no found this great site for freelance jobs where you can bid for jobs or offer your services as a professional have a look at

Use our message board to post jobs and find jobs. Every day there are jobs appearing. And if you have work PLEASE do add to the message board. A free way to help everyone.

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Bar work

On the other side of the spectrum is finding work in a bar. This often won’t be as difficult. If you’re personable and good at chatting it up, the tips will flow over the tip of the jar. This is also a great way to get to know native Aussies in their environment. Backpackers can also find jobs that will allow them to stay in one place for an extended period of time, allowing them to become immersed into the local community.

Resort work

Resorts need backpackers. The big area is Queensland and in particular the northern areas.

Working in a Hostel

A great way to earn free room and board is by working the desk at a hostel. Many a backpacker has checked into a hostel for a few nights only to wake up months later as an integral part of the operation. There are significant advantages to working in a hostel. Besides meeting backpackers from across the world, you’ll build a network that will allow you to travel to other destinations at reduced prices. That’s not mentioning the fact that you’ll probably drink for free at the hostel bar.

Harvest Work

Australia always needs pickers. It is hard work and you are normally paid by volume but can be by the hour or week. Tree picking uses ladders and ground picking means lots of bending over which can be hard on the back. The National Harvest Labour Information telephone line is good place to start looking for work 1800 062 332.

This isn’t as glorious and romantic as you might think. Picking fruit and vegetables is absolutely backbreaking work, and not for the light-hearted. Additionally, the money really isn’t that good unless you’re willing to put in a full day of extremely hard labor. It’s also important to remember that this is Australia, and that there isn’t any air conditioning to be had while you’re working in the field.

There are some benefits to picking, however. Unlike most other kinds of work, there’s no contract. Indeed, farm owners expect there to be a pretty high turnover, and will hire you on a very short-term basis. You’ll also meet some great people. Though backpackers often compete for jobs on farms, it isn’t as cutthroat as you might think. If you work on a farm long enough, you’re sure to establish some lifelong friendships forged over the bucket.

You will need sturdy work boots, gaiters, shirt, pants and a hat. You will also need an Esky, the Ozzy name for a cool box to keep your drinks and food cool. Most picking areas have backpackers. Do book ahead as the best ones fill quickly with everyone working. Some farms have work hostels but the standards vary and many are not good. And some even charge you as well. Some of the main harvest areas are described below.


Atherton is 80 km south west of Cairns. Tobacco work from September to December. The Avocado season is February to June.

Ayr is 1200 km north of Brisbane and has work picking vegetables and melons between May and September.

Bowen is about 1200 km north of Brisbane and has work between May and November picking vegetables and at the end of the year picking mangoes.

Bundaberg is just over 350 km north of Brisbane an has work from July to December mainly with tomatoes and other vegetables.

Childers is about 300 km north of Brisbane and a very popular place for harvest work. April to September is the main time for the tomato crop.

Emerald is 270km west of Rockhampton and the work is mainly cotton , melons, grapes and citrus crops.

Gatton, about 100 km west of Brisbane has a number of crops and work can be found mot of the year.

Gympie is north of the Sunshine coast has most work from May until November.

Innisfail is about 90km south of Cairns. There is plenty of work on Bananas and other crops. Innisfail is short of workers as many people left after Cyclone Larry and never returned.

Mundubbera is about 350 km from Brisbane and has harvest work from April until October in the citrus industry.

Nambour is the inland centre of the Sunshine Coast has work harvesting strawberries between August and November.

Stanthorpe is 200 km south west of Brisbane and a good growing area due it's altitude. Work is mainly from January to April.

New South Wales

Batlow is 450km south west of Sydney where there is work pruning apples and pears from December to May.

Bourke is in the outback and has work from April to May as cotton chippers and with the stone fruit harvest from November to December.

Cessnock in the Hunter Valley has some opportunities in January harvesting grapes.

Coffs Harbour
Coffs Harbour has work blueberry picking.

Cowra is about 300 km west of Sydney and has opportunities for grape harvesting during the period February to April.

Forbes well to the west of Sydney has work apple and pear harvesting from November until late March,

Griffith is a major agricultural area and has work all year round with grapes, onions, and citrus harvesting.

Leeton is in the heart of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area and has a range of harvesting work mostly in the February to March period.

Narrabri is 600km north west of Sydney and the cotton capital of Australia and has a lot of work in the cotton industry.

Narromine lies on the Macquarie River over 400 km from Sydney. Work is available on the citrus orchards from May until December.

Orange is 250km west of Sydney and an area for apples and cherries.

Young is very popular with backpackers and an area for cherry and stone fruits. Most of the work is form late October until the end of December. Work is also available from February,


Cobram is 250km north of Melbourne on the banks of the Murray river and most need is for peach and apricot harvesting from December to April.

Echuca is at the meeting point of the Murray, Campaspe and Gouldburn rivers just over 200 km north of Melbourne. Tomato harvesting is the thing in Echuca and runs from February to March.

Mildura has plenty of work with a lot of oranges that need attention all year. Mildura is over 500 km north of Melbourne.

Robinvale has work with vegetables and citrus and grapes where the big demand is February to April. Robinvale is on the Murray river.

Rochester is south of Echuca has work most of the year on a number of crops.

Shepparton is 180 km north of Melbourne and has a lot of work from December until early February.

Swan Hill
Swan Hill 300 km north of Melbourne has harvesting work from February until April.

Yarra Valley
The Yarra Valley is close to Melbourne and a major wine growing area and needs pickers during the grape harvest.


Gunns Plain
The Gunns Plains is close to Devonport and the northern cities and has work flower picking.

Huon Valley
Apples are grown in the Huon Valley and is south west of Hobart.

Tamar Valley
The Tamar Valley runs north of Launceston and has work grape picking from February to April

South Australia

Adelaide Hills
Around Adelaide there is seasonal work with grapes and apples.

Barossa Valley
The Barossa Valley is 40 km from Adelaide and requires backpackers to pick grapes from February to April and some help pruning in the winter months.

Berri is 200 km east of Adelaide and often has difficulties in finding enough pickers and has a number of different harvests.

Clare to the north of Adelaide has a need for backpackers to pick grapes.

Loxton has vineyards and orchards and needs workers most of the year.

Western Australia

Albany over 400 km south of Perth needs grapes pickers form February to April.

Carnavorn some 900 km north of Perth has banana harvesting from June to September.Margaret River
The big pull to the Margaret River is the grape harvest from February to April.

Working holiday visas

Australia visa rules do change at short notice and you should check with the Australian Embassy but at the moment the situation is that working holiday visas are available for citizens from the USA, UK, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malta, Cyprus, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The visa is given to eligible passport holders aged between 18 - 35 and do not have depended children.

For better or worse, the Working Holiday visa more or less limits you to two kinds of jobs. In season (and with advances in agriculture, there’s always somewhere “in season”), there are jobs to be had picking fruit and vegetables. The other option is trying to score a job in the service industry. Here’s the thing about balancing the fine line between working and traveling: you don’t want to get so caught up in making money that you end up forgetting why you’re in Australia in the first place. Though you can have a great experience working all the time, take breaks and see the sights that make Australia completely unique in the world.

Read more: Australia visa.


Like everywhere else you have to pay tax. The good news is that you can get some it back after you leave.

Read more: Australia tax.

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