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Now if someone tells you Australia is a big country, believe them. It’s huge but has only about 21 million inhabitants. With most people living on or near the coast, vast areas of the inland are sparsely populated. Western Australia is the biggest state and huge tracts of it are free from shops, houses and people.

Kimberley tours

Broome is north of Perth, way north. Flying is the only option if you are pressed for time. It’s a pearl of a place is Broome and is where the bush meets the sea. You won’t find many more pristine beaches than the ones in Broome. The town grew from the pearls in the adjoining sea. The water is perfect, the sunsets superb and the morning’s bird songs are unforgettable.

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Pilbara tours

The Pilbara is a huge area in north-west WA which is seen superbly by a flight in a light plane or helicopter. What a magnificent landscape. There are waterfalls plunging into gorges, massive mining operations and National Parks.

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Gascoyne tours

For all of you Dolphin lovers you'll get a kick out of this place .  A little place by the name of Monkey Mia has wild dolphins that visit the shores and  can be hand fed.  The Gascoyne region also hosts the world longest fishing reef - Ningaloo Reef. 

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Mid West tours

The Mid west is known as the wildflower region for that exact reason. The Kalbarri National Park boasts 800 species of flowering shrubs and during different months of the year.

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Goldfield tours

We are talking pure hard core Australian desert here. The Goldfields regions is not just the old fields and history, but it also encompasses the pure unadulterated desert landscape.

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Heartlands tours

The Heartlands has some of the richest farmland in the area, so with all of the homesteads you are able to have what we like to call "farm stays" (sleep on a farm). This is rural Western Australia. 

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Perth and upper SW tours

Perth is Western Australia's capital city. This is a great spot to use as a base as you explore the southern regions. It has everything. Long white sandy beaches, nightlife, great live music venues, cafes and plenty of tours and activities. (It is also said to enjoy more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia).

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Cape and lower SW tours

Margaret River , south of Perth, is for lovers of spectacular scenery – the trees seem to touch the sky – and for those who enjoy fine wines, 90 wineries means you won’t be short of a tasting. The surf’s up too and the world’s best surfers compete at Margaret River.

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Great Southern tours

The natural beauty of this region is not to be missed. Not as well known as many other parts in Western Australia, one could say it's been kept a secret.

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South East tours

What more would you expect for an area consisting of miles of coastline other than long white sandy beaches, crystal blue water and majestic headlands and cliffs

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A little more about Western Australia

Wildflowers may not seem a reason to travel to Western Australia but the displays are said to be the best in the world. For colour, size and be auty you won’t see a more magnificent site than these wildflowers. June, July and August are the viewing times and the flowers stretch out forever.

The thing to remember about WA is its size. If you plan on driving, you’re in for a long h aul. And don’t forget the seasons. During the Big Wet the roads are imapassable. But for a holiday with a difference, Western Australia has plenty going for it.

Western Australia is remote. Separated from any other centres of population by the Nullarbor Plain in the south, by deserts in the centre and by rugged terrain in the north.

Western Australia is famous for sunshine and for beaches, and for a modern relaxed lifestyle. In fact, many visitors see only the relatively populated south-west, but, interesting though that area is, there is far more to the state than that and those who venture further north are rewarded for their efforts. Western Australia extends into different climatic zones simultaneously. When it is warm and dry in the north of the State, it is cool and wet in the south - that's how big Western Australia is.

Arguably the largest state in the world, Western Australia covers one-third of the Australian continent, spanning over 2.5 million square kilometres or 1 million square miles. The capital of Western Australia is Perth and the main entry point.

We do suggest that you pre book your Perth hostel as they do become very busy and makes it easy after a long flight.

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